Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new project for the New Year

I ordered a new frame from Flyrite Choppers http://flyritechoppers.com/ the other day, I have really liked the bikes that have been built on this frame, I'll see if I can be the first to build one I don't like.

I'll try and chronicle the build on here as I get work done and have time to post. I have been collecting parts for a few years to put together a rigid, nothing major but its usually the little things that sneak up on you. I'll make some parts and find the others.

Here is the blank canvas, the Smoking Gun for Evo Sportster motors. Picture was stolen from Flyrites web page.

The only thing that I have in mind to do is long shotgun drags, maybe with fishtail tips or maybe not, I do like the combo. I have a few tanks and will probably go with a Frisco style sporty tank, but may consider a mustang style too. Lots of choices and things to decide on.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Busy time

of the year. I hope everyone has had a very merry Christmas, I know we have had a good one.

I haven't updated the blOg in a while, things have gotten crazy, I was layed off for a littel while and trying to catch up on some projects then we got dumped on with snow and my shop was all but froze up, then they called me back to work for a few days so I really havent had much time to do anything especialy on the intraweb, thats how life works LOL. I am off for a few days so I may dig out my shop and get in there tomorrow and try getting a few things done.

I am working on a tank for my scooter with a little Frisco flavor, I had the filler neck and cap made for about two weeks, I just need to do some welding and decide how I am going to finish it. I also am in the process of making a neck and cap for another guy who puts my tank choppin' to shame.
Yeah I know I need to clean my work bench off, I work in there, when I get time.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nice weather...

NOT. It warmed up to about 28* today and when the sun went down the temp went with it. I was going to do some work in the shop tonight and found this nice little shot, I took a couple a pics straightened some things out and went indside, it was 21* in there, screw that shit. I suppose it wouldn't be bad if we were somewhere east but we live 15 miles from the Pacfic Ocean. We got about 5" of snow yesterday and now they are talking just cold till tomorrow night and then snow for a few more days and cold for atleast the next week, I want my summer back.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Swag from the Hold-Fast blog

Jordan or Just Jordan with the Hold Fast blog http://hold--fast.blogspot.com/ sent out some stickers and I got a few today. Check him out, lots of cool stuff there. Thanks Jordan.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cool shift knob

My buddy Marshall from http://instanttractiondeluxe.blogspot.com/ and I were hanging out at a DicE pre party party and checking out all the cool bikes and rods and BS'in with every one and he pointed out this knob. How I over looked it is beyond me, the bike was a knuck(i think) and was just a super cool ride, when I say ride I mean the guy rode it there and I am sure he rides the shit out of it all the time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winters here

I think, its was 30* out this morn after raining and blowing most of yesterday.

I took these pics this spring up at Lake Quinault. Every once in a while Beck and I jump on the bikes, run up and have a coke maybe get a cup of coffee and visit my cousin that works at the resturant there, its a nice short ride, maybe 40 miles round trip. A good way to kill and afternoon.

Lone mountain in the background.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On further review..

That aint spaghetti its krout, I stopped back by to ask my buddy a question and we were talking about the scooter, ghe kid that brought it in didn't know much about his own bike. It has a manufacturers tag on the front, it was made in Germany and not a Italian bike after all. Someone has hacked it up pretty bad, at one time it was fully suspended the front had fork boots and everything but it has been made solid, the back has been chopped up and had what look like the rear struts from a bicycle added and the swing arm welded, either way the tank is cool, if a guy moved the filler neck and got a dual ribbed rear fender you could have some cool assed chopper parts. Now the kid wants to sell it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Road trip pic..

I snapped this pic when we were on our way back home from a E Wa road trip. There were several gals in it, laughing and carrying on. They also had a big dildo on the dash up againt the windshield

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its over....

Let's hope we're not headed this way

Monday, November 3, 2008

Year in review part II

In late July we headed to the desert of E Wa to attend the 100 years motor cycle rally in Spokane. The rally sucked, major police activities 24 hours a day and lots of no shows or advertised vendors that weren't signed up, we wont be going back. There were some cool bikes and cool people.

This bike is being built by Steve(I'm bad with last names), he works for Irish Rich, both of them are super cool and build great stuff.

What can I say, Kutty put this one together for his dad "Bones" Noteboom, sweet ride, check out the front fender.

Sinners prayer, not much more I can say.

This is Jamies, Kuttys wife. The attention to detail is just wonderful.

Some roses for Gazza.

A clean scooter.
Cool chop.

My bride cruisin' out of Spokane with a blown engine, it may have been blown but we took it easy and it got us where we needed to go.

Getting gas in Colfax, Wa before I painted mine.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cool car

I saw in Shelton on Thursday or Friday. It looked pretty clean and not to overdone.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Check out the link...

Here http://www.hostultra.com/~Exidor/Swastika/Swastika.html before you get your panties all wadded up and start calling me a nAzi, LEARN SOMETHING. Now I am not saying we need to put it on everything but maybe with a little education can go a long way. If you dont check out the link and still want to call me names then a hardy FU in advance, I really dont give a shit.

Both pics were taken from above link, there are a few historical photos near the bottom of the page, check it out.

Monday, October 27, 2008

This year in review

The good weather is gone again, so here goes.............

Beck gets new paint and pipes

The DicE party Seattle, the best part was the pre-party party at Sir Anthony Robinsons http://ih8bellevue.blogspot.com/ Great people, great food and great rides.

Jakes bike.

Marshalls bike.

Anthonys bike

This guy and his car will amp you up, Mike Soldanos ride.

Flat head goodness

More blue oval goodness.

The mothership.

I'm board and been looking at this last summers pics, dreading the coming winter and its weather, stay tuned more to come.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another nice day

To nice to be working cutting wood so we cut a little, got it split and then took off on the bikes. We have had better weather this weekend than we did alot of the summer, the evenings cool off faster and its slower to warm up in the morn but its been great riding in the afternoons, I take it.

We grabbed some lunch stuff at the grocery store and snapped this with the cell phone.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Went for a put today

My girls at the store.

My little one, all bad ass and stuff

Dinner at the local Mexican bakery

All them baked goodies, not too sweet just good pastries and we didn't eat any of them

A few pics form work yesterday

You can see the steam plant near Bucoda in the distance, clean energy.

This is a 3 picture stitch that my camera will do, it was taken early in the morning, the light is changing pretty fast at that time and the camera cant process the pics fast enough to not see the change.

Fog in the valleys

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A little side trip last week

Looking west from neer camp

Looking south from Godman Springs

The moon above camp, peeking through the clouds