Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Sunday ride

Pics from last Sunday. My Bride, Daughter and I took a ride up to Merryman Falls. A nice short ride and the falls are right along side the county road, most people drive right by and never see them.

Cutting firewood and taking care of some other chores this weekend, the weather is cool and good for working but I still wish we were riding.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


A little update, the Flyrite is a roller now, the neckcups came in last week and my son and I got them put in, I cut some spacers for the front wheel and its on too, woo hoo. I have been working on the oil bag a little but my day job has left little time to work on things during the week. When the weather gets good again, I'll roll it outside and get some pics, maybe I has the oil bag so I can put it on to see what it looks like.
So yesterday I took the bride and daughter for a ride, I have kicked around an idea of putting a small run together, something similar to what the El Diablo was from Cali or the Gypsy rum on the Eastcoast, we checked out a location and I think it will be great, even if I am the only mofo on the mountain. Its pretty remote by most standards, the cell phone coverage is so sporadic that I would be driving and get text from my son that he had sent an hour before, its a great place. Anyway I know a few guys that will go and may even post this on a few boards. More later, but if you are interested in coming or helping out get ahold of me.

There are 3 campgrounds in the area, we only got to 2 of them, this is my favorite.

The shelter, located almost in the center of the campground.

A larger camping spot, this is one of about 8 areas.

Bomb shoots, his and hers. These are maintained pretty well.

Skinny dipping anyone?

A few large spruce trees in the campground, man my daughter is getting big, funny how fast they grow up.

My love and I hanging out on a picknick table looking at the river after enjoying a picknick lunch.

The moss is longer tham my whiskers up here. This is in the campground.

A pic of the river at a lower campground.