Sunday, September 26, 2010

Winters coming

and I'm hating it already. This year sucked weather wise, we really didn't get that much riding weather. Yesterday we got 2 runs in at Forks before the it rained, it fryed out just enought to get some VHT on the track and get the eliminations started and then it pored and we went home. Video later, maybe.

Here's a few pics from this year.

Grabbing some Mexican food in La Center WA, if your needing some good Mex food this place is in the down town area and well worth the stop.

My QCB brother Marshall when he visited from MT showing off the aircleaner cover we made for his bike. This is after we survived the epic trip to California and back. And the shirt is from California, who would have thought they'd have a town named Weed there?

A little wheelie action on my rigid.

My bride and I at Tacoma MC Dino days held at Stradle line ORV park. This is one of my all time favorite bikes. KR also happens to be my grandsons initials.