Monday, June 22, 2009

If a tree falls in the forest

This tree came off the mountain and into the load off the truck right in front of me.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Push Rods show and shine...

My buddy Butch M nice little ride, he put a 350hp 327cid all cammed up with a 5 speed behind it and now its a little squirly, nice clean ride.

Matt from the local indy shop had his drag bike there along with an electric powered bicycle project, nice old iron head that goes like a raped ape.

An English Ford drag car, damn nice rig.

Lots of great rides.

A shot from the stands, the show is held in the Historic Olympic Stadium in Hoquaim, there were over 150 rigs, from the very early 1900's to new, traditional rides to overdone billet bullshit, they got something for everyone. Great show, check it out next year if your around. One of the best parts was it was FREE to walk in and check out the rides, you cant beat a deal like that.

Firing up the old Ford

I wish I had more time to get more pics, not just of this one but of a lot of other rigs. This fella fired it up several times durring the few hours I was there. After I shot this video I asked his permission to post it here, he told me " that would be wonderful".

Push Rods Show and Shine....

I got in the shop early yesterday morning and got some work done so I could get away and check this out. This is my hometowns biggest car show and I've never been, they have a Friday night get together that I usualy hit after work but man have I been missing the big show. Its put on but the Push Rods of Hoquiam CC . Next year I'll have my project bike there finished or not.

I love me some blue oval.

Real clean and lunch is served.

I love the front brakes on this cool ride.

Close enough to call perfect, could use a different front end.

More blue oval goodness, I shot video of the guy starting this 1 ton.