Monday, November 3, 2008

Year in review part II

In late July we headed to the desert of E Wa to attend the 100 years motor cycle rally in Spokane. The rally sucked, major police activities 24 hours a day and lots of no shows or advertised vendors that weren't signed up, we wont be going back. There were some cool bikes and cool people.

This bike is being built by Steve(I'm bad with last names), he works for Irish Rich, both of them are super cool and build great stuff.

What can I say, Kutty put this one together for his dad "Bones" Noteboom, sweet ride, check out the front fender.

Sinners prayer, not much more I can say.

This is Jamies, Kuttys wife. The attention to detail is just wonderful.

Some roses for Gazza.

A clean scooter.
Cool chop.

My bride cruisin' out of Spokane with a blown engine, it may have been blown but we took it easy and it got us where we needed to go.

Getting gas in Colfax, Wa before I painted mine.

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