Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new project for the New Year

I ordered a new frame from Flyrite Choppers http://flyritechoppers.com/ the other day, I have really liked the bikes that have been built on this frame, I'll see if I can be the first to build one I don't like.

I'll try and chronicle the build on here as I get work done and have time to post. I have been collecting parts for a few years to put together a rigid, nothing major but its usually the little things that sneak up on you. I'll make some parts and find the others.

Here is the blank canvas, the Smoking Gun for Evo Sportster motors. Picture was stolen from Flyrites web page.

The only thing that I have in mind to do is long shotgun drags, maybe with fishtail tips or maybe not, I do like the combo. I have a few tanks and will probably go with a Frisco style sporty tank, but may consider a mustang style too. Lots of choices and things to decide on.

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