Sunday, January 25, 2009

Excuses excuses

First off if you're still checking my blog, thanks, you must be really bored or enjoy the freak shows at the circus. I'd like to appoligise to you for not updating, I have been slammed at work and working on a few side projects so not much time on the web. My new frame should be delivered tomorrow, maybe I should call in sick. Even if I had the frame I wouldn't have any time to work so it hasn't been a distraction to me. I am trying to finish up a few projects then maybe I can start focusing on the new one, or maybe it will get set in the corner and I will spend all spring and summer riding and say"F^CK it" stay tuned.

This is a little project I finished up a while back and didn't post about, Nate seems like a great guy and was great to deal with, thank you Nate it was a pleasure. This is a little something that I do on the side in a littel place called the "choppin' shack" my kid called it that a few years ago and it been fun, we may have a few things this year that we'll market, depends on how it goes, how lazy I am and my day job or I may just leave it in the corner and spend the spring and know the story.

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Anonymous said...

Thank YOU DJ... the filler is awesome and it was great dealing w/ you too! Nice to find someone willing to take the time out of their day to make a nice custom piece for a (near) stranger over the internet for short money...even when I wanted to change up the design a bit.

Can't wait to get it finished. I'll definitely keep you posted!